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About us

Restoration Sound is the home of Producer-Engineer-Composer-Musician Lorenzo Wolff. When he's not busy adding hyphens to his job description, he spends his time working with everybody from Steve Martin to Ricky Martin, and expanding the offerings of Restoration Sound to include music supervision and location recording.


Henry Wolfe

Dr. Fink

Nels Kline

Jack Antonoff

Hazmat Modine

Art Baron

Terry Waldo

Ariana Gillis

Joe Iconis

The Five Thousand Jazz Assassins

Peter Stampfel

Jonny Lam And Honeyfingers

Our clients include:


Steve Martin

Edie Brickell

David Monks

Bill Irwin

Michael Cerveris

Steve Forbert

Josh Joplin

Mike Einziger 

Bebe Neuwirth

Judy Kuhn

Ricky Martin

Taylor Swift

Bartees Strange


Matt Damon

Michelle Trachtenberg

Peter Asher

Randy Newman

Teddy Thompson

Steve Elson 

Paul Sanchez (Cowboy Mouth)

Leslie Mendelson

Cesar Alvarez

Steve Earle

Grace McLean

Shelley Hirsch

One of our specialities here is collaboration. While it's super fun to simply capture what you're doing, nothing is better than getting dirty working on arrangements and orchestrations to help realize your vision. 


The proverbial rolodex here is deep. Need a hammer dulcimer player? We've got one. Need a mastering engineer who understands Haitian Compas?  Here's her number. From songwriting to album art we've got you covered.

Location Recording

Restoration Sound is proud to be able to record in any setting that inspires you. If you'd be most creative in a cave in the South of France, we have the flexibility to record you there. If you'd like to record yourself in an abandoned watertower, we say "How soon can we start?"

Outside Engineers

We're happy to let freelance engineers work here, our toys are your toys! Come by to see how we run a session or we can have an engineer there in the morning to show you the ropes. We operate on protools, but you're welcome to bring your own computer if you'd rather work on another DAW. 

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